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Glittervile Cake Plate
Create a magical table both striking and smart with holiday items that border on art. Stack three layers of cupcakes up to the sky.

Just Because Gift Ideas

There are so many reasons to give someone a gift, but one of our favorites is "just because:" Just because I like you, just because you had a hard day... the possibilities are endless. Below you will find examples of the many exquisite lines we carry - stop by today to see what's in.



Twister in Fling Earrings
Perfect for the rays of sunshing in your life, combining color and size to produce an energetic pattern.


Traveling Light
Filled with inspirational illustrations and anecdotes, this book by Brian Andreas is sure to delight readers.


Botanic Bliss
Fruit and plant extracts combine to turn your shower into a blissful cleansing experience. For sensitive skin.


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