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Glittervile Cake Plate
Create a magical table both striking and smart with holiday items that border on art. Stack three layers of cupcakes up to the sky.

Featured Wedding Gift Ideas

The ceremony is over. The party is cleaned up and the bride and groom finally have a few moments to themselves - and a stack of gifts! Among the blenders, toasters, gravy boats and soap dishes they find something beautiful, something unique that shows the thought that went into selecting it just for them. They'll treasure it forever, a constant reminder of that happy day. Make that moment come to life with a specially chosen, one-of-a-kind gift from Interior Objects.



Kosta Boda Dish Set
These warm, open bowls and plates will look fantastic whether used as decoration or at table.


Rosenthal Combi Pot
These patterns are the result of an archaeological-like exploration through our cultural memories.


Kissing Candlesticks
Each of these full-lead crystal candlesticks has a flat edge, so that the two fit together perfectly.


Kosta Boda Martini
Limelight martini glass has a glittering, reflective underside, and shimmers like a jewel upon the table.


Royal Copenhagen Bell
In the trademark blue and white, the design on this piece portrays a peaceful winter scene.


Focus Frame
The clean lines of this simple frame by Orrefors draw in light, subtly directing attention to the picture within.


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