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Glittervile Cake Plate
Create a magical table both striking and smart with holiday items that border on art. Stack three layers of cupcakes up to the sky.

Featured Kitchen Accessory Ideas

Is cooking a chore you dread? Let our fun, useful products help! Below you will find examples of the many exquisite lines we carry - stop by today to see what's in.



Linne Cakeplate
Despite its delicate appearance, the Linne Cakeplate is robust enough to hold the most decadent cakes.

For the Kids

Toast Puzzle
Conveniently portable, the toast puzzle is both a diversion for kids and a set of eating utensils!


3-Quart Casserole Dish
Safe for oven, broiler, stovetop and freezer, this is a versatile dish useful on any special occasion.


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